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  • 2020. 4. 4
  • misael gaytan
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First of thank you for taking some time to read my first journal entry. I’m fairly new to journaling and writing well so feel free to comment on what I need to improve on.

I’m a front-end developer who loves creating materials for people to use and learn from. It has been a journey of years of mental and emotional preparation to throw myself out there. I have been waiting for this day where I can set this “live publicly.” Now that it is live, I am aiming others can see and learn from my experiences.

My dream of actually running my own business has been 10 years in the making and I finally feel mentally and emotionally prepared to embark on this journey. I have been employed for 10 years. I enjoyed learning from all my jobs, projects and contracts, but there was always something missing. I know that there is more that I can do to impact the front end community and I hope to fulfill.

Now I have chosen to start working towards this goal little by little. Getting to pick and pitch the projects I get to work on excites me, a lot. This road isn’t easy but I hope to produce the most out of it!

I will be journaling about almost anything from design, to tips, to random ideas, to just plain everything. Well that’s the plan, time may have other plans for me, but at the moment these are the plans. Hopefully, you can enjoy the journey as much as I will.

misael gaytan

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